“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Giveaway!!

All the winners have been contacted by email.  If you see your name below and didn't receive an email, please check your spam box for an email from Hip Mountain Mama.  Thanks!!

Our Earth Day Giveaway is going on now!!!  To enter please leave us a comment here with your email address (your email address will solely be used to contact you if you win).  Share this giveaway to be entered more times...each time you share this giveaway leave us an additional comment letting us know where you shared it.  There will be 1 winner per item below.  Winners will be announced on Earth Day April 22nd.  Only open to US residents.  Good luck!

Prizes Include:

Lusa Organics 

Congrats to Jessica!

The ECO-nomical Baby Guide: Down to Earth Guide For Parents to Save Money and the Planet

Congrats to Laura

Pocket Guide to Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

Congrats To Amber

$50.00 GC to Hip Mountain Mama

Congrats to Apvegmama

Ecosystem Journal

Congrats to Anonymous (mommy.twogirls)

My Father's Hands Wooden Toys

Congrats to Olivia B


Baby Get Green Apron

Congrats Kaila


Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Sad Goodbye to One Small Change

My personal One Small Change in March was to simplify.  I gave away clothes, dishes, toys, and cleared a lot of clutter from my home.  But there was still a part of me that felt cluttered.  I felt like I was being pulled in many different directions and was constantly saying how busy I was.  Then it hit me...I was creating my own busyness.

I started One Small Change over a year ago as my way to inspire and support others on their journey to living a more sustainable lifestyle.  This project has always been very dear to my heart and it gives me so much joy to be a part of something so important.  Along the way I have seen hundreds of changes occur in people's lives and I am honored to have a small part in this.

One step I am taking today to simplify my life, is to let One Small Change go.  I am voluntarily creating less busy in my life and opening up more time to play outside, sit in the sunshine, and hang with my friends and family.  I will continue to blog over at Hip Mountain Mama and hopefully still inspire a few to make eco friendly changes in their lives.

Perhaps there is someone out there who wants to create their own One Small Change Project...and if you do, please let me know as I would love to be a part of it.  My family will continue to make small changes in our own lives and look forward to hearing about your continued changes!

Thank you so much for all your support and for taking this journey with us!  And congrats on all of your amazing changes!

We will be announcing a wonderful Earth Day Giveaway on this blog in a couple of weeks, so stick around to check it out.  The giveaway will be awesome and will be open to anyone and everyone who is dedicated to creating a better world. 


Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011 Change

April is here folks!  Happy Earth Month!!  Please leave us a comment here and let us know what your eco friendly change will be this month. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

April Change Ideas

April is a very exciting month!  The weather is warming up, plants start coming up, and we celebrate Earth Day (or around here we celebrate Earth Month!).  What a better month to jump on board to our One Small Change Project!  Or if you are already a part of our community, what better time to spread the word to your friends and family about making eco friendly changes! 

Here are some ideas for April Changes: (if you have more ideas to add, please do so in the comments)

*Plant or plan a garden (if you don't have a back yard think about doing some Urban Gardening)
*Attend an Earth Day event in your area to support and learn about ways to lessen your carbon footprint
*Walk or ride your bike at least once during the month that you would normally drive
*Tell 5 friends about this project and encourage them to start making small changes
*If you have kids encourage them to get outside
*Bring 1 new houseplant into your home
*If it is camping season where you live, make an effort to reduce your camping waste
*Look into starting a compost pile

These are just a few small ideas that anyone can make in April.  Stop by in a few days to let us know what your idea for April is!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour is Tonight!!

Alright folks!  If you haven't made a change this month yet or if you want to be a part of something amazing, here is your chance!

Tonight, Saturday March 26th, and 8:30 (your time) join millions of people around the globe in turning off your lights for 1 hour!

Come on folks...you can do it...just 1 hour!  Want to take it a step further?  Try lights out all weekend!

Friday, March 25, 2011

March Winners...Everyone Wins~

Congrats to the 2 winners of our March Giveaway of 1 Organic Sleepy Wrap and 1 Organic Boba Carrier.  It is so awesome to learn that this company is operating in such an eco friendly way!  They are a true inspiration to other small businesses!!  Now for the winners..

Congrats to Julie who says..."My family is making lots of changes this spring! we have decided to visit our local botanical gardens more frequently and my kids are loving it! we went this past weekend and got some amazing pictures of my kids enjoying nature! I'm also going to start loading up my 3 little ones in the wagon and a baby carrier to walk to the bus stop to pick up big brother instead of the driving down 2 streets and driving back! II think the little ones will enjoy it more, its better for the environment, and better for my waist line too! lol! i hope i win... i could use a new sleepy wrap for the walks to the bus stop! :)"


Congrats to Dawn who says..." We do a lot of great things, but like anyone we can always do better. Our project for March has been to get our garden seedlings started. We're also cutting back on our meat consumption in hopes of eventually phasing it out all together. I have Lupus and protein is a definite source of flare for me. I was nearly vegetarian until getting pregnant last year. For some reason m baby-body was craving meat! Now that my son is here we would like to set a better example for him and help him be as healthy as possible. "


...everyone is a winner because Hip Mountain Mama has decided to offer everyone who participated this month 15% off their order in their shop all weekend long! (use code "OSC" for discount)  We are just so thrilled with all the incredible changes everyone is making that we thought everyone should win something!  If you are looking for a small change for April maybe you could pick up some eco friendly goodies at a great price! 

Thanks and congrats to everyone for all your hard work and dedication in making our world a better place!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Giveaway: Organic Boba Carrier & Sleepy Wrap

This months prize donor is Sleepy Wrap (NAP Inc.), Boulder based company and creator of the Organic Sleepy Wrap and Organic Boba Carrier.  Whether you are a baby carrier or not, these make great gifts for friends, grand kids, grandmothers, or just a surprise to someone who could use it.  Please read below to learn about ways this company is making a green impact!  (Details on the giveaway at the end)
What they are doing:

~They introduced their Organic Boba Carrier made locally in Boulder, Colorado with both GOTS and OE100 certified organic cotton

~They introduced their Organic Sleepy Wrap made with Organic Exchange 100 certified organic cotton

~NAP, Inc. Management team’s commitment to using bicycles for at least 50% of their local transportation needs. They are lucky to live in Boulder which boasts nearly 100 miles of linked bike paths within city limits.

~All packaging supplies are now being recycled or donated for re-use

~They are now using virtual business cards! No more wasted paper. Send a text message “NAP” to phone number 50500

~NAP, Inc. invested into a new green server in April ’09 with Rackspace. It offers carbon neutral hosting and energy conservation. Data center emissions and power consumption can have a significant environmental impact so they opted for a carbon neutral low-voltage server and a processor with an energy efficient drive and memory. Although their website hosting costs increased almost 3-fold it is worth it for us to know that they are running a carbon-neutral website.

~NAP, inc. supports and donates to local Eco-Cycle and their efforts to build Zero Waste communities

~They use only CFL & LED lighting in all office and warehouse space

~They sponsor the Holistic Moms Network (www.holisticmoms.org)

In the future, NAP, Inc. plans to:
~Offset employee commute emissions through carbon credits

~Offset company facility emissions through carbon credits

~Work with their loyal customers and incorporate more GoGreen ideas – feel free to email them with your green thoughts at info@sleepywrap.com!

The giveaway:

Nap, Inc. has generously donated 1 Organic Cotton Boba Carrier and 1 Organic Sleepy Wrap

Anyone who participated in One Small Change this March is eligible to enter.  Even if you haven't started your March change yet, or even if it isn't going so well...if you had good intentions for an eco friendly change this month, you can enter!

How to enter:
Leave us a comment here and let us know what your change for March is...that's it!  Please leave me with an email address so I can contact you!  Winner will be announced this Friday March 25th

Good Luck!